41-800 Zabrze, ul. Maurycego Mochnackiego 12 (formerly Sienkiewicza 43).


Right next to Park 12C in cooperation with the Military Technology Foundation - Small Army "Silesia Group" was created Military Technology Park, where you can admire interesting military exhibits. These will include tracked vehicles, armored personnel carriers, military trucks, rocket launchers, and even T-34 and T-72 tanks used in the Polish Army in the 20th century.






In practice, the park is a professionally prepared and fenced area for displaying equipment both in the open air and in a special hall with an area of 450 sq m. The hall will contain exhibits exposed to harmful weather conditions, as well as sanitary and office facilities. The Park itself is maintained in the style of a military unit - it is guarded by a solid entrance gate, as well as a high concrete wall with barbed wire fences.




Nadchodzące wydarzenia:

Kopalnia Guido i Sztolnia Królowa Luiza są obiektami Muzeum Górnictwa Węglowego w Zabrzu.
Muzeum Górnictwa Węglowego w Zabrzu jest instytucją kultury Miasta Zabrze współprowadzoną przez Samorząd Województwa Śląskiego.
Obiekt należy do Szlaku Zabytków Techniki województwa śląskiego.


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